Media Training

Our media training courses will help build your team of expert spokespeople who can represent your organisation through compelling, clear and confident interviews. Whether they are complete novices or experienced performers, we have a training package that will take their skills to the next level.
At Hayes Collins Media we believe that all interviews – yes, even the tough ones – offer opportunities to influence your audience. But most interviews are so bland and dull that the audiences dismisses your organisation as irrelevant. So why settle for doing an OK interview when in just one day we can train you to do a GREAT interview?

Our approach

At Hayes Collins Media we know that almost everyone has the potential to do just that. Our courses – honed over more than a decade training everyone from government ministers and chief executives to community workers and the emergency services – combine confidence-building exercises with specific, proven techniques. And we know they work because we’ve seen hundreds of our ‘graduates’ use these techniques for real on local, regional and national TV, radio and in print. Our method takes out the fear from interviews, with direct but supportive coaching.

Making it real

Just as we ask our delegates to be authentic, our training will feel as close as possible to the real thing. Using scenarios researched and agreed with your press team and broadcast standard equipment, we’ll carry out interviews in a variety of styles – from local radio breakfast show to a Newsnight-style grilling – as appropriate to the job, seniority and experience of the delegates. And through our mock news footage, we can add an extra layer of realism when your training is focused on crisis preparation and management.

Affordable, realistic pricing

We keep costs down by creating an interview setting on your own premises. Most interviews will be on location – so it’s actually a much more realistic setting for your delegates than a studio. However, if your senior staff are likely to face multi-camera studio interviews, we work with a number of venues where we can hire facilities and pass the charges on to you at cost.
We also think that money spent on training is wasted if delegates fail to transfer their skills to the workplace. That’s why we offer a six-month post-course service to delegates to contact us with queries or to help prepare for real interviews, together with a range of resources they can access through our website.

About the courses

Courses can be run on a full or half-day basis. The half-day courses are a great introduction to media training for those delegates who might carry out occasional, straightforward interviews. They also work as an excellent refresher for those who have some experience but need to bring their skills back into focus. For those people who carry out regular interviews, some of which could potentially be challenging, we recommend a full day for the opportunity for more hands-on interview practise in a variety of styles. We prefer to keep courses to no more than six delegates. However, if larger numbers are involved, we can design training to accommodate requirements.


“I found it a really useful experience with good tips when thinking about key messages and helpful feedback afterwards.”

“Fantastic amount of knowledge on how to deal with the media and difficult questions, which was very well conveyed. Leaving the course feeling a lot more confident!”

“The interview scenarios were high quality and challenging. Interaction between the two trainers was very professional, made the course feel very genuine and useful.”

“Both trainers were extremely knowledgeable and put me at ease (as much as possible) before conducting the interviews.”

“Really helpful in getting an external perspective on how my behaviour would appear and how best to be a reassuring representative of HMG.”

“Excellent session offering good advice on style, content and messaging. Just what I needed.”