Presentation Skills

From reporting back on a project in a meeting to speaking in front of hundreds of people at a conference, most of us will be called upon to present at some point in our career – and for many of us, it’s not a skill that comes naturally. Being great at your job and being a compelling speaker don’t necessarily go together, as those of us who have sat through dull talks with endless PowerPoint slides can doubtless testify.

So if you’d like to ensure that your audience are dying for your next sentence rather than dying inside, sign up for a presentation skills workshop. We’ll take you through the techniques of:

  • Building confidence in your personal style (and some neat tricks to come across as poised and self-assured)
  • Compelling openings and memorable endings
  • Constructing presentations to maintain audience attention
  • Avoiding ‘death by PowerPoint’ through gripping and persuasive visuals
  • Owning the room through verbal and physical presence

Whether preparing for a specific presentation or simply wanting to improve your regular appearances, we’ll create a course that takes your presentation to the next level. We tailor our course to delegates’ level of experience, from complete beginners through to masterclasses for experienced speakers who want to stretch their skills to the max. With small groups and lots of practical exercises, together with on-going support from your tutors, this is training that is guaranteed to have real impact back in the workplace.


Make the most of your broadcast media appearances.


You need your staff to have the technical skills to do their jobs – but if they’re really going to make an impact, they also need to develop their presence.